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Contract & Work-for-Hire negotiable, please contact via email.

Jes/Tea Reference

Reference for the Parasaurolophus gal! Simple ref, I'll do outfits later but she can wear w/e so heehoo.

Terms of Service

Before ordering, please review the Terms of Service for details about the commission process.

Commission Types

Commission types, examples, and price points for each section.

Terms of Service

Commissions are done on a first-come, first serve basis.Please allow up to one week for confirmation of your form submission. After confirmation, you will be provided with a sketch before payment is finalized. Commissions may take up to a month to be completed entirely, though full illustrations or more complex commissions may take longer. You are welcome to request a work-in-progress update whenever you would like!You can contact for questions via email.


• For smaller commissions, an initial sketch will be sent to the client for review and changes if necessary. For illustrations, the client may receive a small series of idea thumbnails as a starting point.• After a sketch approval work will continue with a second update being sent at the flat color stage. Illustrations will receive palette thumbnails. Please keep in mind painted illustrations will not be entirely true to local colorization on a reference sheet as they take into account atmospheric coloring.• Changes may be requested at the sketch stage and flat color stage, limited to three changes each stage. After this, only minor tweaks may be requested at the artist's discretion.• If additional or major changes are requested by the client an additional fee may apply.• Commissions may be streamed on Twitch! If the client would prefer the commission to remain private, please inform the artist.


• Payments for commissions will be completed via Paypal Invoice and must be completed after the initial sketch is approved for progress to continue.• Cancellations may be refunded based on the amount of work done, generally 75% after the sketch stage and 50% after the flat color stage is sent. Once flat colors are approved by the client cancellations are not available. If the artist initiates the cancellation, a full refund will be given.• Quotes may be given for more detailed pieces via email.• Commissioning is considered a service based on the hours of making the art and do not take into account the rights of ownership to individual pieces of art. Please see Usage Rights for more details.

Usage Rights

• The artist (Jesica O'Black) reserves the rights to the artwork/commission, granting only a usage license to the client. (CC BY-NC-ND) Exceptions or additions to the license can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Work must be credited to @jesicaoblack or• The client is purchasing a service. Rights to the artwork may be negotiated separately and will require a contract.• Clients are not permitted, under any circumstance, to use any part of their commissioned artwork for non fungible tokens. Use of the artwork for advertising, profits or any other functions associated with non fungible tokens, cryptocurrency, or blockchains is strictly prohibited.• The artist reserves the right to reject any commission.• The client may not use the artwork for profit unless otherwise discussed and agreed to with the artist.• The client may print their commission for personal use, but may not reprint the commission for profit.• The client may not resell the artwork for things such as character or adoptable packages without first contacting the artist, and not for any more than the original commission was paid for.• The client will receive the following PNGs: one medium-resolution non-watermarked version for personal use only, one high-resolution lightly marked version, and one low-resolution watermarked version.• The client may upload their commission publicly provided they use the medium or low-resolution file with a watermark and give credit.• The client may crop, resize, and make minor edits (like adding a filter) to their artwork, but may not use the work as a base for their own artwork and edits.• A medium-resolution watermarked version may be uploaded by the artist to Patreon and Sub-exclusive chat for viewing purposes only unless requested otherwise by the client.**By commissioning and sending payment, you acknowledge and accept the above terms. You also agree that you are of legal age to make online purchases or do so with parental guidance **and approval.

Commission information

note: complex characters and scenes may incur additional charges or may be requested to be simplified.
nsfw is an option, however are on a case-by-case basis and will be kept private.

Full color illustrations include simple backgrounds.
Prices listed as full color and per character.
Profile pictures are considered 'bust' pricing.
Full body Chibis are priced at $48.

$25 • single emote
$100 • 5 emote bundle

includes background
$200 • bust
$300 • half body
$400 • full body

Looking for something not listed?
Feel free to mention what you would like when ordering!

Order Information

When you are ready to place your order, please include the following information in the form below.• Your preferred name (what should I refer to you as);
• Type of commission you would like (Emote, Illustration, Half Body, ect.);
• Character references in either image links, text, or both;
• Any notes regarding personality, expression, scene, or other information you'd like to include for your character and commission;
• Include any additional notes or factors you think are important to mention here as well.
In addition, please add a note if you would like me to keep your commission private, otherwise I may stream it at my own digression.NSFW commissions are an option, however will never be streamed.By sending an inquiry you are affirming that you have read agreed to the Terms of Service and acknowledge you are of legal age to make online purchases or do so with parental guidance and approval.


note: please ensure no / are included in your description, as they render submission invalid! this may apply to other symbols as well, such as ♥.NOTE: For inquiries please contact via email - [email protected]

Looking for something not listed?
Feel free to mention what you would like when ordering!